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Free Jaundice Camp in Suyash Hospital


We at Suyash Hospital - Raipur organize special Free Jaundice Camp for the patients, as a committed social responsibility for the cause of humanity.
This camp proved to be very beneficial to all the patients facing problems and certain complications due to Jaundice over in Raipur and adjoining areas. We try to provide the best of the help to the jaundice casualty to make him perfectly feel normal.
The press conference conducted on 8th May 2014 by Dr. Manoj Lahoti, Dr. Nitin Goel and Dr. Vivek Kesharwani in premise of Suyash Hospital, focusing on the prevention & control of Jaundice.

Antenatal Classes (Garbhankur): Education - birthing and babies

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Suyash Hospital provides a range of education programs to inform and empower you as you approach the birth of your baby, and the early weeks that follow.
The classes are facilitated by midwives, physiotherapists and dietitians who are skilled in childbirth education and women's health under the guidance of eminent obstetrics & gynecologist Dr. Pooja Kadhi
"Deciding to start an exercise routine when you are pregnant is one of the best decisions you can make," says Dr. Pooja Kadhi. "Not only can it relieve you of many common pregnancy ailments, it can also help you to have an easier labour and quicker recovery post birth - plus your baby will benefit too. Your aim is to build up to 30 - 60 minutes of moderate activity every day - whether that's going for a brisk walk or doing the exercise routine below." She added.

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