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The Anaesthetic Department of Suyash Superspeciality Hospital provides a service that underpins 60% of the hospital’s activity. Our role extends beyond the provision of anaesthesia for surgery, reaching into all treatment areas.

Services Provided : Anaesthetic Services

Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic
Anaesthesia for elective in-patient and day case surgery

Post-Operative pain relief
Resuscitation & anaesthesia for emergency surgery

Intensive Care Medicine
The Intensive Care Unit is managed and staffed by anaesthetists. The specialist ICU nurses provide an Outreach service to support the nursing care of more complex cases on the general wards.

Obstetric Anaesthesia & Analgesia
Epidural analgesia for childbirth and immediate cover for caesarian delivery and maternal complications of labour is available continuously.

Pain Management
The Acute Pain Service is for in-patients with short-term pain that is expected to resolve when the underlying illness gets better.

The Chronic Pain Clinic is an outpatient service for intractable pain - pain that persists despite efforts to treat the underlying cause.The Pain Clinic also offers Advanced Pain Management Techniques in Adult Palliative Care, for Pain Due To Cancer

Our skills in managing the airway, breathing and circulation ensure we are involved. The sicker a patient gets the more likely an anaesthetist is to be involved

Pain Clinic – Outpatient Service
Service capacity is planned to increase by 60% resulting in altered clinic times and location.

Dr. Jayesh Parmar
Anesthesia Specialists

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Dr. Sweta Lahoti
Anesthesia Specialists