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Suyash Hospital currently has 100 operational inpatient beds and one of the best medical service provider in Raipur - Chhattisgarh. The Hospital has many departments and many facilities, which provides efficient medical care, which has gained popularity over the years. Our doctors are all professionals and treat patients on priority basis. The key advantage of our medical facility in our hospital is prompt response and no wait. Our treatment can start as soon as you arrive in hospital.

Suyash Hospital -  Special Care & Facilities
1. 24 hours Emergency services
2. Well Equipped 20 bedded Medical ICU & 5 beds Surgical ICU
3. Trauma Unit
4. Dialysis unit
5. Lithotripsy unit –for all kind of stone diseases
6. Ultra modern 3 operation Theatres
7. All kind of endoscopies-Upper GI, Colonoscopy, ERCP
8. Pulmonary function test, Spirometer, Videobonchoscope, Videothoracoscope
9. High Definition laparoscopic Camera
10. Pediatric & Adult Endoscopic Urosurgeries
11. CT Scan
12. Laser TURP
13. USG / Color Doppler / X-Ray
14. Echocardiography / ECG / TMT
15. Cancer Chemotherapy Unit
16. Medical Shop
17. Ambulance
18. Canteen for Inpatient meals