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Director's Message

Dear Patron,

Suyash Hospital has completed two wonderful years in the service of people of Chhattisgarh & surrounding areas aptly following the course we had envisaged while planning this Hospital. The motive which made us come together was world class healthcare facilities & services at optimal & affordable cost to the people of Chhattisgarh by the people of Chhattisgarh. It became more so important for a young state like Chhattisgarh; still fighting poverty, illiteracy & sub-optimal healthcare facilities.
The last two years made us more resolute with our vision & taking this to the next level we will very soon expand our facility into a 250 bedded comprehensive tertiary care facility.

Welcome to
Suyash Hospital !! On behalf of our doctors, technicians and staff; let us thank you for taking the time to search us out on the Internet. With the careful, individual attention that is given to each client, all of us here in the Suyash Superspeciality Hospital are convinced that our programs and facilities provide the optimum healthcare for yourself, your family and your employees. This website will provide you with an introduction to our facilities & services.

Our doctors are qualified and experienced in their respective specialities, reflecting a dedication and commitment to provide the highest quality of care to patients. All the leadership groups of the hospital administration & medical staff continuously work together to identify and direct the priorities of the hospital through the development and implementation of strategic plans within the scope of our mission, to provide Compassionate healthcare of the highest quality at an affordable cost.

Let us all join our hands together in this noble endeavour which definitely promises to revolutionize our present healthcare facility.
We ask you to help Suyash Hospital in giving "Care with Confidence."

Dr_Nitin_Goel Dr_Manoj_Lahoti Dr_Vivek_Kesharwani

Dr. Nitin Goel

Dr. Manoj Lahoti
MD(Medicine), DM(Gastro)

Dr. Vivek Kesharwani
Laparoscopic & Gastro Surgery