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Radiology & Diagnostics

Suyash Superspeciality Hospital's Radiology Department has both full- and part-time radiologists, many of whom are recognized as experts in their fields. Our physicians are committed to excellence in the practice of radiology, and to using diagnostic imaging and imaging-guided procedures to promote the highest quality of patient care

Patients receive the latest in high-quality diagnostic and treatment imaging services at our Radiology Department. Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by skilled technologists and nurses. Suyash Superspeciality Hospital's radiologists perform and interpret examinations. Today the Department of Radiology is recognized as one of the premier departments in the based on clinical expertise, academic productivity and excellence in educational programs.

In order to achieve the highest levels of diagnosis and interpretation, the Department is divided into divisions, based on either anatomic system or imaging modality. Each division has a expert who is responsible for the quality of examinations and workflow. Divisions function as a group to provide expertise in all imaging modalities and techniques, and the highest possible quality of medical care.

Our Diagnosis & Radiology services include:
» Ultrasound Sonography Department
» CT Scan Department
» X-Ray Department
» Pathology Department
» Abdominal Imaging
» Breast Imaging
» Cardiothoracic Imaging
» Interventional Radiology
» Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
» Musculoskeletal Imaging
» Neuroradiology/Head & Neck Imaging

Members of each division work closely with their clinical counterparts in the Surgery and Medicine Departments. Joint conferences are common, in addition to daily consultations, regarding particular patients or problems.

Dr. Rahul Dhuppad

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